Vibration Therapy

We were watching a science program about vibrating turkeys who gained stronger bones and  less body fat by standing on a vibrating plate for a few minutes a day. So now we vibrate every day.

We have a zero-G Tempurpedic bed with built in vibrating base so we just turn it on for 20 minutes every night while laying there watching the news.

I’ve been checking my bone density on the smart scale – so far no change. We’ll see.


2 responses to “Vibration Therapy

  1. It’s important to match the conditions of the experiment or your results could just be quixotic. A large part of that documented benefit to the muscles and bones is increasing their osteoblast recruitment at sites crucial to load bearing. ie standing, walking, jumping etc. Lying down is an unknown variable, but I suspect it won’t offer you the same benefits because you are not going to need incredible bone density on your tailbone. I’d try standing if you want anything more than the psychological placebo effect.

    • Yes, I had thought that may be the case. We’ve also added more weight- training exercises and I’ve put exercise step benches in the kitchen so I go up and down as I cook and clean. That should increase my impact on a daily basis. I wonder what would make a good standing vibrating solution. I think our bed might be too high for that.

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