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Water bottles – unnecessary toxin

I was forwarded this PowerPoint presentation about plastic water bottles by a friend.

We had already cut nearly all the plastic out of our lives and replaced them with glass containers. I recycled almost all of my plastic tupperware and drinking glasses, and we made a sweep through the fridge. Now even the mustard has a glass jar. 😉

We also installed water filters for drinking, cooking and showering. I found out that I am allergic/sensitive to manganese which is a mineral in our local water source. It was part of the problem causing my skin issues. Also, Jason wanted to eliminate the chlorine that comes from the tap water in our shower. The steam from the shower can cause lung issues and other irritation.
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We Tossed the Microwave

It’s true. We got rid of our microwave.

Jason was reading about causes of cancer and there is some evidence to support that exposure to radiation, even at small amounts, may be enough to tip a cell into mutation.

So, I got a new toaster oven, with a dehydrator function, and built-in convection oven. I have to say that food tastes a lot better. Heating leftovers in the toaster oven makes them taste better than fresh most of the time.