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I’m 22 (according to the magic scale)

We have one of those fancy scales that does everything. It says my metabolic age is 22.
What’s weird, though, is that it says that Jason is 46. I find that ridiculous because he’s in way better shape than I am – and he’s younger. Is he just getting a raw deal on the calculation because he’s male? His BMI is in the normal range. He’s muscular. In fact, he’s hot!   What gives?

Further Radiation to Avoid

In a previous blog, I mentioned that we got rid of our microwave. We’ve further refined other sources of radiation that we want to limit. After testing everything in the house, we found that the biggest source of close proximity radiation turns out to be — cell phones.

So, now we only use the cell phones to our ears for very short calls, otherwise, we try to use speaker phone or a “blue tube” headset which is air tube based so that electric radiation is not carried up the wire.

In the car, we use a bluetooth handsfree solution which came with our Toyota Prius.

Healthy Mind

One of the most important things you can do to stay young is keep an active mind. Here are some things we do to keep our brains stimulated:

Music – we play music all the time. It’s an eclectic variety. We keep a list of artists and styles that we would like to explore so that we can pick them up when we have a chance. I have iTunes set up with a complicated playlist system that randomly picks songs based on some parameters like day of the week, exercise versus relaxing, keywords for the mood, how recently the song has been heard, and so on.  We might be listening to classical, Indian, punk, prog rock, new wave, experimental, African, anything at any time.

Hobbies – I love to cook and we both enjoy creating art and photography. We like to learn about new places to visit and learn about.

Skills – We try to pick up new skills both directly related and tangentially related to our careers. For example, I might learn all about High Performance Computing and Jason about Flash. At the same time, we’ll study something about medical history or linguistics.

Challenge both sides of the brain – I have slight APD (auditory processing disorder) which is a form of auditory dyslexia. Jason has slight visual dyslexia (he’s ambidextrous and has a hard time telling left from right).  We try to challenge ourselves with activities that overcome these problems. For me, trying to talk while doing something else is a huge challenge.

Physical activity – Another great thing to do is something that challenges your mind and body at the same time. I’m practicing using a hula hoop and try to mimic dance steps that I see on TV and movies.

Over 30 supplements

I don’t know exactly how many supplements I take a day, but I know it’s over 30. There are so many, I have to take them 6 at a time. It takes a couple of glasses of water to get through them.

BTW, a tip to new vegetarians – make sure your supplements (and over-the-counter meds) aren’t in gelatin capsules. Gelatin is made from animals (usually cows, sometime fish).

Also, we’ve researched each supplement on ConsumerLabs to make sure that the ones we invest in are up to par. And yes, it is an investment. Good supplements can be very expensive, but you can’t really put a price on your continued good health.

Vibration Therapy

We were watching a science program about vibrating turkeys who gained stronger bones and  less body fat by standing on a vibrating plate for a few minutes a day. So now we vibrate every day.

We have a zero-G Tempurpedic bed with built in vibrating base so we just turn it on for 20 minutes every night while laying there watching the news.

I’ve been checking my bone density on the smart scale – so far no change. We’ll see.

Seeking Longevity and Optimum Quality of Life

I’m about to turn 40.

I don’t want to go down the hill.

This blog is about the quest to stay right at the top, right at the peak, at premium functioning, for as long as possible.

My husband and I are always improving our lives – lifestyle, diet, supplements, and learning, learning, learning…

The goal is to be smarter, stronger, sexier than ever until we die at a very chronologically old age. We know there will be technological breakthoughs we can take advantage of in the future, but to do that, we have to start taking care of ourselves now.

We’ll share our experiences, knowledge, and rants here.