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How I Cured My Skin Problems

I have been diagnosed with a plethora of skin issues:
and worst of all – Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

All of these started in my teens and got progressively worse throughout my twenties, especially with weight gain and too much stress.

Now, except for a minor bump here and there, my skin is pretty clear all over my body. I’m going to share the things that made the biggest difference:

1) DIET – low carb. I used to drink a lot of sugary drinks – Coke, coffee, etc. I was also a carb addict – chips, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes…
I saw an immediate change in just about everything in my health when I cut back on carbs. Even as a vegetarian, it is easy to eat more healthy vegetables and proteins and limit intake of processed sugars and starches. It’s also important to embrace healthy fats – olive oil, avocado, nuts, coconut, red palm. Changing my diet, along with exercise, also helped me lose all the excess weight. And my skin took on a healthy glow and increased in elasticity instead of being doughy.

2) Stop taking  those pharmaceuticals. My doctors had me on antibiotics, antidepressants, crap. I stopped taking those and looked for natural alternatives. I take Vitamin-A, Horsetail, anti-oxidants, and other skin feeding supplements.

3) Sulphur soap – my new dermatologist told me to avoid tea tree oil (because I could become sensitive to it) and use a sulphur soap. In addition, we recently read that tea tree oil in constant low doses (like shampoo and body wash) contributes to the development of resistant bacteria like MRSA.  So we’ve rid our toiletries of unnecessary tea tree oil (now used for specific isolated treatments only in our house). I use the sulphur soap on my face and in the shower. I also exfoliate with a natural vegatable fiber face puff and a large scrubber that gets my whole body.

4) Drink lots of water. In fact, we like sassy water – not because it’s trendy, but it really tastes good and has lots of vitamin C. Hydration keeps skins elastic and helps your body get rid of waste products.

5) I cut back on mineral supplements and only take the ones I need. I noticed that if I got too much of certain minerals, my breakouts, especially the big painful ones, would get worse. My personal theory is that bacteria thrive in mineral-laden sweat.  I thought about this when I was reading how overfertilized soil run-off is a severe breeding ground for bacteria because of the magnesium, etc. We don’t take multi-vitamins. There’s evidence that they don’t absorb right and the over load of minerals isn’t good. We take each vitamin and mineral in a proper dose separately.

6) Salycilic acid astringent – I wipe down with it twice a day and after any kind of exfoliation or hair removal. I also take a low dose (81mg) aspirin every day.

7) Laser hair removal – yes it was expensive and it hurt, but it was so, so, so worth it. I got a brazilian and had my arm pits done. This investment probably cut my hidradenit suppurativa breakouts a hundred fold by itself.

8) Laser facial for rosacea – not as painful as laser hair removal, but did make me look like I had a sunburn for a while after each treatment. However, it nearly completely removed all the red spider veins around my nose and imporved my over skin tone. I need to get a touch up every few years.

9) Remove all chemical toxins from anything that touches skin. This means osmosis filter in the shower to remove chlorine and only organic and natural products for moisturizers and makeup. Also, only natural, color and fragrance free laundry detergent.

10) Thong underwear. Yes, it helps to have free air and circulation down there. Plus, run around the house nude for a little while each day and let the sun shine on you for a few minutes. Vitamin D and aeration.

Now, this was certainly not overnight. It took a good five years of following this regimen – with certain changes taking affect more quickly than others. But it was worth the wait and the effort.


Literally Dreaming About the Future

Recently, I started taking melatonin every night at bedtime. I was reading Suzanne Somers’ book, Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, and there was a passage in the beginning about how proper sleep restores your body – the natural repair functions kick in, your hormones are balanced, stress is reduced – so I decided to start taking melatonin.

Disclaimer: BLOG RULE #1: Just because I read a book and mention it in this blog, doesn’t mean that I agree with everything in the book. I have a voracious and open-minded attitude towards information. I like to research every angle.

I was also reading a novel, Immortality by Kevin Bohacz, which is a fantastic techno-thriller. It was given to me by William F. Nolan (crazy enough, the author of Logan’s Run, and a personal friend and neighbor, referred to herein as ‘Bill’) who said, “Here, you might like this, read it and tell me what you think…”
Without giving away too much, because you really should read this book, it’s excellent; there are some nanotechnology elements to the story.

I had also just finished reading How Not to Look Old by Charla Krupp which is a style guide for middle-age women advising on how to look Y&H (“Young and Hip”). More on that to come in future postings, but for this article, I had been obsessing over the shapewear and lingerie chapter.

Melatonin is a wonderful sleep aide. I use Natrol’s Sleep’n Restore 20 Tablets, a product I found at Whole Foods. It does have an interesting side effect – it makes me have very vivid dreams.

I had this bizarre, but cool dream. Jason, Bill and I were far in the future. The moon had been destroyed and knocked out of orbit by an asteroid. Fortunately, some scientists had saved Earth by putting a replacment gravity sphere into orbit to keep the Earth’s axis and tides from being affected. Unfortunately, the thing was small, black and not visible. There was no illuminated moon to gaze at in the night sky. So some famous scientist was going to restore it. This guy is famous in the future. He’s old and he’s just a brain and brainstem floating around in a suspended holographic body. He’s kind of see-through and he’s been dubbed the first “holoborg”. He’s holding this massive event – it’s like a rock concert or an Obama rally. He’s going to project a holographic moon back into the sky – live.

So Bill, Jason and I are at the big event. The guy floats out onto the stage all ghosty with his brainstem bobbing about, gives a speech, and then flips the switch. But no moon appears. The projection just looks like a rainbow. This prompts Jason to start making Dio jokes (Rainbow in the Dark) and then Bill and I started going “Where’s the Moon?!?” (like from the Wendy’s commercial – where’s the beef?) We’re totally heckling this poor guy.

Next scene, I’m going to a cosmetic surgeon to get a new “nanobra”. The Dr. Rey of the future paints a thin liquid onto my topless torso. He calls it “nanofilm”. Next, he looks at a computer display where a special scanner and camera have superimposed the nanobra onto my real-time image. He controls the nanobra like a cad program and in realtime gives me a total boob lift. Perfect. He tells me that the nanofilm will gradually absorb and as it does, the little nanobots will restore and repair my skin and the underlying fat and muscle for my new boob shape. I won’t need a new one for a few years. Excellent!

I’m very inspired by this and sick of desiging search widgets for Microhoo, so I start a new comany for nano skin and hair care. The secret is that the programming is all in the bottle. When you buy a product at the store, you are buying a bottle that has the software and charging station and a starter set of nanos. You can buy multiple products at once and they can all share nanobots. When you use the product, the nanos perform their function that was set by the bottle. For example, the facial cleanser will exfoliate, open pores, remove makeup residue, and so on. The dandruff shampoo removes all the flakes from your scalp. When you shower, the nanobots are rinsed down the drain. But, new showers are designed to capture gray water so they don’t go to the sewer. The nanobots are reactivated by the water and they release any detrus (skin cells, gunk) into the water, then crawl back to the nearest bottle that’s advertising for replacements. As a bottle refills, it advertises less and less frequently until it is full. This way, the bottles are continuously refilled as needed. Also, refill blank slate nanobots can be purchased to replace the ones that stop functioning or get lost.

So yes, it sounds like a crazy dream – and it felt like it went on all night.

But I do have to say that I feel great after being on the melatonin for about 3 weeks. More energy, more relaxed, and I think my skin has improved.